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Great Pros and Great People

"Marty and Amy did an incredible job on our IRS audit with great results. They are true professionals, and worked tirelessly to meet tight deadlines. Their expertise in tax matters is extraordinary, and they truly care about their clients. I could not be more pleased with the outstanding work they did on our case. "

(Anonymous, March 2017)

Thank You

"Marty and his enrolled agent, Sarah, have been nothing short of miracle workers. Super smart, super knowledgable, super responsive and extremely effective. They are also some of the nicest and caring legal advisors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I highly, highly recommend them. "

(Antionette, January 2017)

Simply the Best

"Not only did the job they did for me exceeded my hopes, but their continuing assurance that everything would be all right was an added gift. The manner and patience offered to me gave me peace during a most difficult time. " (Patrick, December 2016)

He is Amazing

"Mr. Davidoff, is not only professional, he is prepared, thorough, and has a team of lawyers and assistants that make you instantly feel at ease. I walked into this office, confused, and scared. I walked out with a plan, calm, and finally am in control of my life. I would recommend him to anyone over and over again. Just go, he is the one to help you! " (Gina, September 2016)

Extremely Pleased with our Results!

"To say we are pleased with the outcome of our situation is an understatement. We had to owed the IRS SUBSTANTIALLY lower than we anticipated and everything closed pretty fast! The entire staff was extremely polite and thorough during our entire experience. I interviewed many firms and this firm hands down was the most professional, competent and compassionate team you will find. Andrew took care of most of our case and we couldn't have been happier. As a young couple with very little knowledge of the tax and legal world they held our hand through the process he helped us breath easier understanding each step of the way." (Anonymous, September 2016)

Davidoff's Team: The Best!

"Due to a serious illness, I was not able to fulfill my tax obligations for several years. As my symptoms improved, I followed my accountant’s advice and retained E Martin Davidoff’s firm to resolve those tax issues. I found Marty to be very understanding of my situation, and extremely knowledgeable. With his advice, guidance, and experience handling similar tax situations, my issues have been resolved in a very satisfactory manner. His staff, and especially his assistant Amy, were very helpful and kept me informed at all times re the progress of the case. Amy’s exceptional inter-personal skills and responsiveness were instrumental in keeping my anxieties under control. With their assistance, I was able to focus on obtaining the information they needed to move the case forward. I am convinced that I made an excellent decision when I entrusted Davidoff with my case. They are the best." (August 2016)

Fixed My Tax Woes

"Sarah Fields was the calm in my storm. With IRS regulations being so confusing, and it's agents being so intimidating....Sarah rolled up her sleeves and did my fighting for me. She was informative, knowledgeable, personable and well connected. She utilized all of her resources to resolve my tax issue. She communicated with me every step of the way, and followed up as deadlines approached. She was available and accessible and went above and beyond to assure me. The office was inviting and services were affordable. I would use them again, but hopefully I won't have to!" (Shaun, August 2016)

If you want the best representation your money can buy, read Marty's bio and give him a call, anything else is subpar

"The saying goes: you get what you pay for. My husband and I were facing a low 6 figure tax issue with the IRS, as well as, a low 5 figure State tax matter, which, in my eyes, these issues would have destroyed us. On top of the IRS and State issues, we also had a Department of Labor issue during the same period. I set out to find an attorney. One only needs to read Marty’s bio to know that he is the man you want on your side, fighting for you. Marty’s superb representation does not start and stop with him - his entire staff is comprised with intelligent, helpful and insightful individuals. Concerning Marty’s fees - he has earned every dime. Initially, the thought did cross my mind to seek out a lower level attorney and save a few dollars, however, I sought the best of the best. If we were to survive this nightmare, we needed a champion, one who had our best interests at heart. Do not misunderstand, the fees are not unreasonable and when dealing with such serious and potentially life altering issues, you want to feel secure, you want the best in the industry covering your back. Marty and his entire staff are friendly and easy to work with, (I think we’ve worked with everyone in his office). The client/attorney relationship at Marty’s office is a team effort, a partnership. Two things I particularly like about Marty is 1) he is straightforward, he’ll tell you like it is, good or bad and at the same time, put you at ease, and 2) being a professional of his stature, he does not put on airs. Marty and his team were successful in obtaining favorable outcomes for us for each of our three issues. My advice, read his bio, it speaks for itself." (Dawn, May 2016)

Review of tax case where significant dollars were owed due to health reasons and depletion of retirement accounts.

"Mr. Davidoff is extremely knowledgeable, professional and a subject matter expert. He has surrounded himself with a team that is caring, professional and has all the puzzle pieces to develop a strategy that is reasonable and a win-win. If you're seeing an attorney, things are usually not fun, however, every member of his staff from greeting you at arrival, until the staff that addresses the issues at hand and setting the table for involving Mr. Davidoff and his expert opinion, Mr. Davidoff has scored a significant victory for us, but also was fair in his dealings with the taxing entities. BOTTOM LINE: Mr. Davidoff knows his stuff inside and out, and has surrounded himself with the Best of the Best, so I would Very Highly recommend him." (January 2016)

Outstanding Attorney & Law Firm

"Mr. Davidoff is an outstanding skilled tax attorney. He and his assistant Mathew were extremely accommodating and detailed which led to a quick and 100% successful tax audit. Besides his keen sense and knowledge of tax law, Mr. Davidoff is very kind, supportive and easy to work with. I truly appreciate everything they did to resolve a complex tax matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Davidoff and his firm to anyone without hesitation. Thank you very much!" (January 2016)

Absolutely the Best

" "I have been a client of Marty's for ten years. He has been able to achieve miraculous results for me. He knows the federal and state tax laws and has extensive knowledge of how things actually work at those agencies. He has been able to identify issues quickly, and direct resolution of issues through federal and state agencies on an expedited basis. The results he has achieved for me far exceeded any reasonable expectations on my part, and I am eternally grateful to him and his staff. I recommend him to one and all! (October 2015)

Excellent Accounting, Tax, and Legal Counsel

"After receiving a large tax bill from the state following a small business audit, Martin and his staff were able to quickly diagnose the errors and work with the state to reduce my tax burden. I greatly appreciated Martin and his staff's responsiveness and professionalism. They are true experts in this field and I would recommend them highly. Thanks again!" (Joseph, September 2015)

Knowledgable, Experienced, pleasure to work with

" "The IRS was seeking a mid six figure amount and my case was sent to a local revenue officer. I am sophisticated in IRS matters but was understandably very anxious. Marty put me at ease and allowed me to go about my normal business. His team is professional and experienced . The results were outstanding. I could not have asked for a better outcome or an easier process. I highly recommend them. Consider yourself fortunate if they represent you." (Chuck, August 2015)

Excellent Tax Counsel

"Handled all issues professionally, and even when tax issues had me backed in a corner...this firm handled the issue quickly and turned it around completely. I would like highly recommend E. Martin Davidoff for any issues regarding tax problems. They will do the best job possible despite the odds. This was a 6 figure settlement and they got results. " (May 2015)

IRS Audit for a small business

"After hiring a CPA that failed to inform me of his inability to represent my company because he worked for the FDIC. My taxes were filed, and I was alone dealing with the IRS audit. My wife did some research and found that Marty came very highly recommended. Marty and his team worked diligently and efficiently to work out a fair and equitable deal with the IRS. Their services are not cheap, but as my wife likes to say "you get what you pay for."" (April 2015)

Responsive, impactful and we appreciate the direction of his firm

"A significant IRS issue caused a lien and other impacts-it was a result of an incorrect enforcement action. We appreciated the organization of a plan and the professional manner it was carried out with the results we had expected. Sarah was very responsive and we felt we had an advocate fighting for us all the time. Without a doubt we would recommend Attorney Davidoff to all who need legal services. Thank you." (Dan, March 2015)

7 Figure Problem with the IRS

"Went to many Lawyers with a situation with Payroll Tax that I was in with the IRS due to my previous partners in business and all of the lawyers said I had no chance of fighting the issues; then my accountant was referred to Mr Davidoff from his partner. Within an hour of meeting with him and his staff, we had a plan on how to resolve my problems; where I wasted about 3 years with other lawyers, he resolved my problem in less then a year with a positive outcome. His knowledge of the laws is where he was able to do what others before him could not. I was very grateful for the work his staff and he accomplished. It allowed me to get back on track with my business." (Joseph, March 2015)

World-Class Professional Legal Support - Thank you!

"I want to thank this Firm very much for the incredible world-class work they performed for me. This "Tax repair" work ended-up reducing my overall Tax bill (at least) 25%! I really appreciate it very much when Professionals (this whole staff being a perfect example) executes exactly what they set forth to accomplish, and do it with precision and perfect timing. Your firm has been a "guiding light" to me, getting out of a complicated and difficult problem -- and the price was incredibly easy for me to handle. Thank you very much!" (Craig, February 2015)

Don't try to take on a government agency alone.

"I was scared to death,the state comes after you full steam ahead. Don't take them on alone you will loose. I someone accused you of murder you would hire a lawyer, but remember you innocent until proven guilty ,not the case with the government when it comes to taxes they inflate numbers in there minds and want you to pay it. They think your rolling in tons of money and they want it. Every dollar you pay a top notch attorney (Mr Davidoff ) probally saves you three out of four dollars the government will take from you. Remember your labeled a tax cheat and the government knows people won't protest a tax cheat . It's easier on the government to go after large amounts of money from one person instead of raising taxes on a large group. This is how they raise money and yet they'll blow it so fast on nonsense. Remember pay an attorney, or pay the government much more. " (Paul, February 2015)

Would Recommend

"I like Marty's style-- he gets to the bottom line quickly. He's competent and he's kind. His staff is responsive and professional. " (LW, February 2015)

You Helped Me

"I can't thank you enough for your advice. I called the number you gave me at the tax advocate's office and my case was referred to someone who could investigate the problem. I got a call back within 18 hours. The investigator ceased all legal action, the collection agency was called to task for not only harassing me but to redress them for not correcting the identity error done on the collection agency's report. I saved $6000 on penalties and interest AND I get back $1500 for a refund!!!! I will recommend your business for anyone who needs help. I have already spoken in glowing terms about how kind you all were towards me. Thank you! Thank you!" (Solange, March 2014)

Tax Issue

"I had some questions about a personal tax issue and Mr. Davidoff was kind enough to give a lengthy and specific answer. When I requested clarification via email, he asked his assistant to contact me for a phone consultation. His assistant, Joann Cleary, did so promptly and we arranged a time. Both were kind, prompt and responsive to my questions and needs and their follow-through was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Davidoff and his staff for legal advice, direction and representation." (Sandra, December 2013)

IRS Reports

"Last year our company has applied for and recieved EIN nmb. And while filling SS-4 form with IRS we did a mistake - we put 2 members instead of 1. We recieved a confirmation letter from IRS and there was a request to fill form 1065 (for partnerships). We have discussed this problem with Mr. Davidoff and he advised to write a letter to IRS about the mistake and to fill form 1040NR (for sole proprietor non resident of the US) and he gave us a contact of the accountant who could help us to fill this form." (Igor, March 2013)


"Martin worked with my wife and I to clean up years of un-filed taxes to both the state and federal government. He immediately took control of the situation and set us at ease. It was nice to be able to sleep at night again. With his extensive knowledge of taxes and the state and federal systems he was able to negotiate a fair settlement that we could live with and put us back on track so we can get on with our lives. His staff is both professional and tenacious in resolving issues. They are personable and we felt they really cared about resolving our tax situation. My wife and I would recommend him to anyone who needs to resolve tax issues of any kind. We are very happy with our experience and the outcome " (Paul, March 2013)